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  Events - Overview



The Events section is created for storage of the information about holidays and other events that are important to you.

The program allows you to group events inside folders, which makes information sorting incredibly easy. You can set up as many groups as you like with any information content. The tree-like database structure is chosen to display the information in a convenient, easy to search and navigate manner.

Moreover you can change a folder picture for better visualization. Just click the "Folders - Change Icon" main menu item and choose one of predefined pictures or load own picture from file. The picture size is 16x16 pixels.


Use the "New Folder" button to create a new folder, "Rename" button to rename folder, and "Delete Folder" button to delete selected folder. Also you can use the Ctrl+Alt+N, Ctrl+Alt+E and Ctrl+Alt+D shortcuts or the context menu commands in the Documents tree area.


To simplify the information grouping process we added Drag & Drop support, so just drag the events or the events groups to place them inside folders.  Also you can cut or copy any entry and paste it into other folder using an appropriate buttons or shortcuts (Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) or using the context menu in the Events area.

Also you can drag any event to the program calendar to create a new appointment, linked to this event.


You can filter your entries by category. Just click the "Filter by Category" button. In this case you will see only events, which match to the selected categories.

All entries in the list can be filled with the first category color, if this option is on (see the Events Preferences).


Every event can be set to repeat. You don't need to create the same event every time, just mark it as a recurring one. To match you expectations, C-Organizer provides extended recurring options.


Besides, in the view area you can see an event title, date, days left, category. You can preview an events description by pressing the following button:Click_Preview. Furthermore, an event can be posted as an electronic sticker on a computers monitor. Just select an event and click the "Show as Sticker" button.

See the chapter How to preview a record and to work with stickers for more details.


Each entry can be edited directly in the view area, you even can create a new entry by entering data in the upper row.

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