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General Information
About Advanced Diary
Features Overview
Installation and system requirements
How to upgrade old versons of Advanced Diary
Interface types and colors
Multilanguage interface
Information about updates
Working with Advanced Diary
Portable mode
Working with folders
Working with records
Multimedia Diary
Attached Files
Manage attachments
Working with Categories
Working with text
Spell-checking and autocorrection
Working with diary templates
How to send an entry by email
How to work with stickers
Advanced Diary - Print
Creating and editing print templates
Previewing and printing report
Program's options
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General options
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Working with databases
Database manager
Search in database
How to protect your information by password
Working with Dropbox
Working with Google Drive
Working with OneDrive
Working in a network
Network features overview
Server installation
Connection to a server
Managing users
Assigning entries
Server database maintenance
Copyright and License
Copyright and License
How to order Advanced Diary
Limitations of evaluation version
Technical Support
Technical Support


  Features overview

Advanced Diary's Major Advantages:




·Intuitive user-friendly interface.

·Fully portable program: install on any removable storage device for use on any pc.

·Supports various interface types and color schemes.

·Fully customizable view.

·Multi-language support.

·Full unicode support.

·Flexible tree-like database structure.

·Ability to restore deleted entries.

·Create new databases and simultaneously work with multiple databases.

·On-the-fly database swapping.

·Databases can be password protected and encrypted with the strong AES encryption algorithms.

·Share all data in real-time over a network.

·Various access rights for each database user.

·You can create public and private records, or assign entries to specified users only.

·Synchronization with Dropbox. You can save a copy of your database to Dropbox and then load it on another computer with just one mouse click.

·Synchronization with Google Drive. You can save a copy of your database to Google Drive and then load it on another computer with just one mouse click.

·Synchronization with OneDrive, You can save a copy of your database into OneDrive and then load it on another computer with just one mouse click..

·File attachments - attach any file to entries and keep them directly in the database file.

·Attachments manager - you can see all your attachments in one window.

·Video recording.

·Voice recording.

·Ability to add text descriptions to attached files and multimedia diaries.

·Built-in fully functional media player for your audio and video diaries.

·Ability to create and insert the diary templates.

·Supports multiple diaries and multiple entries for a single day.

·Supports Calendar and Document Tree navigation types.

·Print with configurable templates.

·Built - in print templates editor.

·Ability to edit print reports before printing.

·Page header and footer are supported.

·Ability to export the print reports into RTF or HTML file.

·Powerful database search engine with regular expressions support.

·Import and export features (rtf, txt, html, dndb)

·Ability to set up various backgrounds for the documents.

·RTF support.

·Paragraph formatting.

·Image insertion.

·Bullets and Numbering.

·Hyperlinks to other database records or Internet/local/network files.

·Ability to work with tables.

·Spell checking.

·Ability to set up own hotkeys for any menu items.

·Minimize to system tray (optionally).

·Updates Checker.

·Proxy servers support.

·Simple installation and uninstallation.


And many other features to explore and use...

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