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Download the spell check dictionaries (new version).

In the table below you can find additional dictionaries for C-Organizer since version 6.0, Advanced Diary since version 4.0 and Interactive Calendar since version 2.0.

Language Dictionaries File name File size
Afrikan 576 KB
Belarusian (official orthography) 2716 KB
Bulgarian 251 KB
Catalan 554 KB
Czech 964 KB
Danish 625 KB
German (old standard) 347 KB
German (old and new standards) 2553 KB
German (new standard) 2537 KB
Greek 1545 KB
English (Australian) 200 KB
English (Canadian) 320 KB
English (British) 243 KB
English (New Zealand) 209 KB
English (US) 242 KB
English (South African) 261 KB
Esperanto 96 KB
Spanish (Argentina) 286 KB
Spanish (Bolivia) 286 KB
Spanish (Chile) 284 KB
Spanish (Colombia) 275 KB
Spanish (Costa Rica) 285 KB
Spanish 286 KB
Spanish (Mexico) 276 KB
Estonian 843 KB
French fr_FR_1-3-2 281 KB
Hebrew 791 KB
Hindi 60 KB
Croatian 727 KB
Hungarian 488 KB
Indonesian 102 KB
Italian 326 KB
Kurdish 17 KB
Lithuanian 292 KB
Latvian 812 KB
Macedonian 617 KB
Norwegian (Bokmal) 615 KB
Norwegian (Nynorsk) 444 KB
Nederlands 941 KB
Polish 929 KB
Portuguese (Brazilian) 1223 KB
Portuguese 132 KB
Romanian 111 KB
Russian 454 KB
Slovak 568 KB
Slovenian 1150 KB
Swedish 240 KB
Thai 152 KB
Ukrainian 431 KB
Vietnamese 17 KB
Need more dictionaries?
Did not find the necessary dictionary? No problem. Our software supports Hunspell dictionaries. Hunspell is the spell checker of LibreOffice,, Mozilla Firefox 3 & Thunderbird, Google Chrome, and it is also used by proprietary software packages, like Mac OS X, InDesign, memoQ, Opera and SDL Trados. Try to find the necessary files in Internet.

How to install and add dictionaries
Please unpack the downloaded files into the "...\[Program Folder]\Dictionaries\" folder and then add it into the program. Just click the "Tools - Add Dictionary" main menu item and follow instructions.