Advanced Diary is by far the best journaling program out there, and the plain truth is that it surpasses most of the heavy-duty costly programs as well. It offers many options, but does not clutter things up with features that the average writer does not need and won't use.
Julie W. Smith - USA
Congratulations for making such a beautiful diary. It has all the features I want and since I downloaded it I am not using any other diary.
Ravindra Gore - India
I have searched the internet for a diary which was suitable to my needs for many months and have finally found it in your diary. Thank you so very much.
Mary Ellis - Australia
I have been using Advanced Diary for several years. I find that it do the job much better, it is simpler and yet have far more options, such as the integration with the Calendar spelling checks, background colour, categorisations etc. etc. Many thanks for the superb product.
Tony - UK
I've been using Advanced Diary almost everyday and it has completely transformed my life! I've a tool to record my life and track my progress and when I look back it makes my life such a great story. Keep up the good work.
Abhijeet Jain - USA
I have been using C-Organizer and Advanced diary extensively for 5 months and have been extremely pleased with them. I can now do away with bulky planners, bits and pieces of notes, and other "white noises".
Sylvain Leclerc - Canada
The program's interface is very intuitive, I feel. This prog is exactly what I have wanted for a while. Lots of good stuff here and very easy to use.
Vernon Wnek - USA
I have a consulting business and have quite a lot of projects running at any time. Recording events and what has been agreed is vital to me, but I haven't found a formal CRM system that is flexible enough. Advanced Diary is just perfect for my needs.
Hamish McCallum - UK
I have been a user of the Advanced Diary software for over a year and have found it to be an extremely important part of my day. I often access it to write notes, check the calendar, check previous days notes and to store information of all sorts that I want to have at hand.
Lawrence Kaltman - USA