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Download the spell check dictionaries and thesaurus.

In the table below you can find additional dictionaries and thesaurus for C-Organizer till version 5.x, Advanced Diary till version 3.x and Interactive Calendar till version 1.x.

Language Dictionaries File name File size
Afrikan 1073 KB
American English 263 KB
Australian English 270 KB
Brazilian Portuguese 143 KB
British English 265 KB
Bulgarian 252 KB
Czech 384 KB
Danish 550 KB
Dutch 615 KB
Estonian 642 KB
Finnish 40 KB
French 246 KB
German (old standard) 571 KB
German (new standard) 484 KB
Hungarian 1026 KB
Italian 343 KB
Norwegian 235 KB
Polish 962 KB
Russian 364 KB
Spanish 371 KB
Swedish 161 KB

Specialized Dictionaries File name File size
Technical (British and American spellings) 23 KB
Medical and Veterinary (American spellings) 856 KB
Legal (American spellings) 45 KB
Latin 64 KB
Italian Medical 78 KB
Russian Scientific 73 KB


File name File size
Roget's Thesaurus (American English) 707 KB
Roget's Thesaurus (British English) 709 KB
How to install and add dictionaries
Please unpack the downloaded files into the "...\[Program Folder]\Dictionaries\" folder and then add it in the "Spelling Options" window.
To access Spelling Options, run the spell-checking manually by pressing F7 button (please note that text should contain at least one misspelled word). "Spelling" window will be opened. Click the "Options" button in this window.