All necessary features Multiple diaries and multiple entries for a single day in one file! Flexible navigation by date or by entries tree, powerful searching, categories support.
Reliable security All your information in Advanced Diary can be protected by a password and encrypted to prevent non-authorized access.
Friendly interface Advanced Diary has a clean and extremely intuitive interface. You won't spend your time trying to understand how it works.
Professional text editor The program supports rich text formatting, backgrounds, diary templates, hyperlinks, images and tables insertion, - and more.
Audio and video diaries Full multimedia support: Not only can you enter diary text, but you can create and play audio and video diaries as well!
Fully portable Install or copy the entire Advanced Diary folder onto your flash-drive and use it anywhere on any computer.
Multi-user access All data can be shared in real-time over a network. You and your friends and colleagues can access information at the same time.
Multiple languages English not your native language? No problem, Advanced Diary is available in most popular languages.
Flexible printing Print your data in multiple layouts. You can edit reports, use predefined print templates or create your own!