Download free databases for C-Organizer

In the table below you can find free databases for C-Organizer. Some databases (holidays, dates etc.) cannot be viewed in C-Organizer Lite, because this edition does not have the Calendar of Events section.

 DatabaseAuthorFile sizeLanguage
USA Holidays CSoftLab 24 Kb English
Catholic Saints and Holy Days Maeveen Clancy 49 Kb English
Italian Holidays Luca Marzi 25 Kb Italian
Russian Holidays and Dates Osokin Alexey 53 Kb Russian
European Holidays Ashraf Abdin 34 Kb English
Canadian Holidays Ashraf Abdin 25 Kb English
USA Presidents Ashraf Abdin 26 Kb English
USA States Ashraf Abdin 39 Kb English
German Holidays Stefan Biberger 40 Kb German
German Name-Days Stefan Biberger 42 Kb German
Ukrainian Holidays and Dates Andrew Sozansky 36 Kb Ukrainian
Russian orthodox holidays Bikbulatov Vladislav 44 Kb Russian
Russian Name Days Obitockij Pavel 50 Kb Russian
Argentinian Holidays and Dates Santiago Del Bono 26 Kb Spanish
Argentinian Presidents Santiago Del Bono 28 Kb Spanish
Chinese Holidays and Dates Hualong Gao 28 Kb Chinese
African Holidays and Dates Charle Viljoen 36 Kb English
Birthdays of celebrities Valentin Shibut 69 Kb Russian
Brazilian Holidays and Dates Carlos E. Basqueira 35 Kb Brazilian Portuguese
Dutch Holidays Mary Bax 32 Kb Dutch
Czech Name Days Ondrej Horak 42 Kb Czech
Greek Name Days Emmanuel Kazanidis 33 Kb English
Polish Name Days Dorota Kaminska 31 Kb English
Uruguayan Holidays and Dates Rene Boretto 27 Kb Spanish
Hungarian Namedays Benko Iren 56 Kb Hungarian
Slovak Namedays Thomas Smekal 29 Kb Slovak
Romanian Holidays Matei Bitea 29 Kb Romanian
Spanish Holidays and Dates Txente Barakaldo 36 Kb Spanish
New Zeland Holidays and Dates Duncan Schilling 38 Kb English
Best links to freeware resourse in the Net Roman Starikh 62 Kb English
Baseball schedule for 2005 Trevor Robinson 75 Kb English
Canadian Leaders Elaine Hill 31 Kb English
Portuguese Holidays Carla Hebil 48 Kb Portuguese
Culinary Recipes Sergey Markov 842 Kb Russian
Australian Holidays and Important Dates Terry Whitford 47 Kb English
Indian Holidays and Dates VKS Gautam 33 Kb English
USA - Economic Releases 2006 Hapalkos 37 Kb English
Russian Folk Notes Levtchenkov Denis 75 Kb Russian
Jewish Holidays Boaz Rozenbaum 29 Kb English
Croatian Dates Sanjin Barac 52 Kb Croatian
Facts, Trivia and Folklore Masja de Rover 67 Kb English
Phone codes Egor Saveiko 170 Kb Russian
Web resources Egor Saveiko 927 Kb Russian
Holy Scriptures Corwyn Arthurs 365 Kb English
Moon Phases 2006 Masja de Rover 28 Kb English
Metric Conversions Caroline Marie Fidalgo 82 Kb English
Serbian Dates Bojan Prerad 49 Kb Serbian
Czech Cities with ZIP codes and Area Phone codes Petr Zavesky 106 Kb English
UK Prime Ministers Mick Griffin 735 Kb English
Song Lyrics and Links Robin Mc Bride 119 Kb English
Culinary Recipes for micro wave grill Aleksey Shapovalov 138 Kb Russian
Quotes Anil Shah 111 Kb English
Belgian Holidays Mark Partous 31 Kb Dutch
International Days Abbi Moht 28 Kb English
Today In Histoty Tao Fu 185 Kb Chinese
Polish Holidays and Dates Maciej Bojakowski 31 Kb Polish
Football World Cups Eduardo Riganelli 54 Kb English
Greenpeace Tips for Green Living Masja de Rover 49 Kb English
Celestial Events 2007-2010 Masja de Rover 33 Kb English
Vegetarian Quotes Paul Cummings 71 Kb English
Vegetarian recipes Ilya Krylov 123 Kb Russian
Website Favorite URLs Sezhian Venkatachalam 324 Kb English
Great inventions in the world Hossein Vakily PhD 30 Kb English
Kyrgyzstan Holidays Askat Chonorov 75 Kb Russian
Financial Terms Askat Chonorov 340 Kb Russian
Slovak Namedays, Catholic Holy and National Days Jozef Gregus 49 Kb Slovak
Resources for the Aspiring Webmaster Alberto Esmeralda 384 Kb English
Bulgarian Holidays Julian Tokmakov 43 Kb Bulgarian
Genetic Code and Amino Acids Stephan Niland 36 Kb English
Malaysian Holidays Gobok Amri 42 Kb English
Useful Links Svetlana Shmidt 208 Kb Russian
Gardener Diary Ludmila Fendich 2716 Kb Russian
Indian Holidays Dilip Yadav 37 Kb English
Latin sentences translate to Polish Tomasz Kaminski 84 Kb Polish
Slovenian Holidays Peter Teichmeister 79 Kb Slovenian
Egypt Holidays and UN Days Mostafa Mohamed 68 Kb Arabic, English
Czech brewers Zdenek Nejedly 2226 Kb Czech
Turkish Holidays and Dates Seckin AYTAC 33 Kb Turkish
Uzbekistan Holidays Anwar Gasimov 91 Kb Russian
500 Latin Sentences translated to Portuguese Brazilian Helder Muniz 82 Kb Portuguese Brazilian
Web ASCII and Symbols Helder Muniz 41 Kb English
From Russ to Russia Vadim Antoniuc 8284 Kb Russian
International Holidays Anwar Gasimov 45 Kb Russian
HTML Guide Dmitry Berezikov 3983 Kb Russian
Olericulture Aleksey Babanov 37.8 Mb Russian
Korean Holidays Kim Yongjae 31 Kb Korean
Driving in Europe Mitja Nezman 40 Kb English
How to use
Please unpack the downloaded database file. Then you can open this database in the "Database manager" window ("File - Database Manager" program's main menu item) or import it into any existing one.

Publish your own database
If you have your own national holiday database, interesting notes or any other helpful information, and if this base contains at least 100 records that you want to make public, send us your .CDB file. You will get a free C-Organizer Professional license, provided we find your file worth publishing.