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C-Organizer Lite
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C-Organizer Lite

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C-Organizer Lite is 5.0 Beta


Platform: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Arabic, Greek, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Belarusian, Dutch, Macedonian, Indonesian, Danish, Serbian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Korean, Hungarian, Romanian, Croatian.


C-Organizeк Lite  is a Task Manager, Contacts Manager, Notebook and an Appointment Calendar combined into one powerful yet easy to use application. It can help you quickly organize and plan your business and personal life. C-Organizer Lite is a fully portable program. Install it on any removable storage device, then use it on any pc.

A well thought out interface makes using this application an easy, even gratifying process. C-Organizer Lite supports various interface types and color schemes.

Use the built-in planner to create a list of daily chores and appointments, which significantly simplifies tracking daily tasks and distributing workload evenly. Planning recurring tasks is a snap with the flexible repeating event settings option. Schedule reminders for upcoming deadlines and birthdays with C-Organizer Lite’s notification system.

All data stored in C-Organizer Lite can be protected by a password, and encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.

C-Organizer Lite’s Address Book comes with an option to store attached photographs, and features an easy to configure database structure. You can even add new parameters (fields) to the database structure yourself.

Notes support rich text formatting, images, tables, hyperlinks to the Internet or local files, as well as any records in the database. Use Notes to create MS Word-like documents.

All reports can be printed using pre-installed print templates that are a part of the C-Organizer Lite installation package. In addition, the program allows you to edit reports before printing, and save them as RTF or HTML files.

Moreover, C-Organizer Lite has a flexible sorting system, records import and export options, as well as automatic integration with your default e-mail client and web browser.

You can set C-Organizer Lite to launch automatically and minimize to the system tray when Windows starts. The application’s icon will display the current date.

Keep all your important information in one place with this fast, small and easy-to-use program!