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  How to share Data on a Network

One of the most valuable aspects of C-Organizer Professional is its ability to share data with others. The C-Organizer Professional is built from the ground up to be inherently multi-user shareable without additional purchases of special high priced exchange server software.

C-Organizer supports two database types: Local Databases and Shared Databases.

The Local databases cannot be shared on a Network. C-Organizer will display a warning message if you attempt to do it.


To share information on a Network, you need to create a Shared Database.

Go to the Database Manager window (Select File then Database Manager from the program's main menu).

In this window click on the "New" button, select the "Shared database", click "OK", type in a file name for the new Database and click "Save":




You are Done! Now just make this database active on other computers on your Network. You can edit or create records and these changes will be available for all users immediately!


Shared Database Limitations:


1. The "Reminder" function is not supported.

2. C-Organizer does not store the sticker window size and position.

3. C-Organizer does not store the folder's state (closed/opened) in the Documents tree.

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